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    Tennyson: My Ben 10 fan comic, coming soon


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    Tennyson: My Ben 10 fan comic, coming soon Empty Tennyson: My Ben 10 fan comic, coming soon

    Post  Andy on Tue Aug 25, 2009 9:39 pm

    I'm working on a Ben 10 fan comic called Tennyson. Ben's 21, and once again he must use the Omnitrix. I have 7 of 10 aliens done.

    Hardball - Cannonbolt/Diamondhead/Chromastone mix
    Hardball is round and harder than diamond. His only weakness is that he can't control himself at high speeds, and sometimes he can hurt himself.

    Globetrotter - Humongosaur/Way Big mix
    Globetrotter is a 60 foot monster. His fingers can bend like worms, and he's very limber. However, he's almost useless in combat.

    Necromancer - Upgrade/Ghostfreak/Grey Matter mix
    A ghostly being, Necromancer is like a ghost. He is intelligent and able to control machinery. His weakness is that the Omnitrix times out quicker when in this form.

    Dittomorph - Ditto/Goop mix
    Dittomorph can spread out, split up, shape itself, etc. It's weakness is that it is limited to certain things and is useless in combat almost.

    Chowder - New Upchuck
    Chowder can eat anything, food or not. His only weakness is that if something is in his stomach too long, it turns to green goop and burns the inside of his belly, his mouth and throat when he vomits/burps it up.

    Heatsroke - New Heatblast
    Heastroke is a living fireball inside of a metal suit. He can burn things with flames of over 3000 degrees. His only weakness is water.

    Oddball - New Alien X
    Oddball can break down and control matter itself using the gemstone on his head. His major weakness is that he is almost useless in combat, and cannot use this ability on himself.

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