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    The Fusion Bounty Hunters

    Alien Ben Lobster
    Alien Ben Lobster

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    The Fusion Bounty Hunters Empty The Fusion Bounty Hunters

    Post  Alien Ben Lobster on Mon Aug 24, 2009 5:15 pm

    Hey, mate! Welcome to your new alliance. We are bounty hunters. We hunt Fusions and eat them for breakfast. We help each other on mission. We help track down Fusions. We even take down Fuse himself...together.

    Newbie (Level 0-4)
    Apprentice (Level 5-9)
    Scarred Hunter (Level 10-15)
    One-Eyed Pirate (Level 16-20)
    Fusion Master (Level 21-25)
    Fusion Destroyer (Level 26-30)
    Fusion Bounty Hunter (Level 30-???)

    You ready for some action? Tell me your level and IGN. Then I'll see if you can join. If you want rules, read the forum rules. There are no requirements.

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