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    a story concept...


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    a story concept... Empty a story concept...

    Post  GrimReaperZiyoxis on Wed Sep 02, 2009 12:27 am

    yes, I know this sounds generic and seems like it's been done before...

    I got an idea in my head for a story about:
    an angel with an unknown power... (Zane)
    a shinigami (reaper) out for revenge... (haven't thought of a name)
    and a normal girl caught in the middle of it... (still thinking of a name)

    One night there's a meteor shower, and everyone who saw it fell into a comatose state or died... except for a girl. The shinigami of the under-world saw that she was a witness and wanted to destroy her... but the angels of heaven saw her as their new prophet... the angels learned of the Shinigamis' plans and sent a gaurdian. the shinigami queen recognized the gaurdian as the angel who killed the king of hell and sent her best warriors to kill the girl before the gaurdian can reach her then kill the gaurdian... the gaurdian got there first, killed them and saved the girl. he brutally wounded the leader of the team and the leader was exiled, She then swore revenge on the gaurdian...

    tell me if I should write this or not... I personally like the idea

    here's a picture of the 3 main characters...
    a story concept... Seemin10
    boy in white: angel (gaurdian)
    girl with blue hair: the witness
    girl with hair over one eye: shinigami leader

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