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    Our World Season 1

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    Our World Season 1 Empty Our World Season 1

    Post  Miku Hatsune on Thu Aug 27, 2009 10:09 pm

    Chapter Uno!!!

    Our World

    This world wasn't always destruction. It used to be beautiful, lots of grass, trees, and in the winter snow. There where a lot of people to, or, at least more than there are now. Most of us are part of the struggle. And the ones that aren't stay at the many bases around the world, helping heal the injured. If we had know what was going to happen, we would have started preparing long ago. But we didn't know this would happen. This war will probably be the worst thing that will ever happen to us. But, it will also be the best thing that will happen to us. The war has brought us closer together than we have ever been. Kids that never had friends, suddenly have many. the hero's, villains, and normal kids like us, have come together to fight. We will fight for our freedom, we will fight for what we believe in. We will fight for this world. Our world.

    My name is Zoe Icezeta, and this is my story.


    It started out as a normal day, I got up, got dress, ate, brushed my teeth. The things you would normal do on a school day. My schools uniform for the girls was a skirt, a white blouse, a tie, and high socks with black Mary Jane's, and my blond hair tied up in a high ponytail, even though I liked it down. Luckily, you could pick the color of your skirt and tie though. Mine, unlike most of the girls, was all white I went to a private school, the kind that was all girls. The only reason I went there was because my parents were always away on business, so I couldn't stay at my house. I looked out the window of my dorm, but almost all I saw was my blue eyes starring back at me, probably because it was to dark out to see anything else. Although this was the normal time I woke up, it was still only six am. I guess my brain was on a timer, because it was also a Sunday, and like most schools, we didn't have school on Saturdays or Sundays. But, I just felt like something was going to happen today. I waited at the window for a few minutes. then a few minutes turned into an hour, and that was about the time my room mate, April, woke up, looked at me and said.

    "Let me guess, you woke up at six am again."

    I knew that it wasn't a question, cause she already knew that answer, so I just noded.

    "Zoe, you really need to sleep more." April said as she got out of bed and walked over to her closet.

    Although it was the weekend, we were still required to wear our uniforms, so that was all we had in our closest. Unlike my outfit, her outfit's tie and skirt, were blue.

    Then she went into the bathroom and changed, then put her brown hair up in a ponytail also, partly because of the school uniform and partly because doing so kept her hair out of her greenish blue eyes.

    Once she came out we decided to go into town and see if we could find something good for breakfast, even though I had already eaten. We walked around until we found a small cafe, and decided to go in. By looking at the cafe you wouldn't thank that it was anything special about. It was simple, five tables ten chairs, a menu board, and a counter where you ordered and they showed some of the foods. But the food was some of the best that I have ever tasted! All I had ordered for myself was a blueberry muffin, but it was amazing! I could tell that it had been made fresh, and that they use fresh blueberry's to make it.

    April had ordered a small piece of cheesecake and coffee, and I could tell she was more than happy by the look on her face.

    "Please tell me you have the address written down!" I said.

    "Written down! I have it memorized!" April exclaimed, and I just laughed, and soon she was laughing to.

    Once we were done we were free to go, we had already paid at the counter. We decided to go and look around the city, so we took a bus there.
    The city was the same as it always was. Busy. I couldn't even remember why we had come to the city, we had gone at the beginning of the month. After about then minutes there we decided to head to a different part of town, a part that we had never been to.

    "So what do you think it will be like?" I asked April.

    "I don't know, probably a lot of tech stuff, I mean, it is called tech square" April answered.

    "True." I said, not looking exactly where I was going.

    "Look out!" April cried.

    I turned my attention in front of me just in time to see myself walk into someone, and although I fell the person I ran into just stumbled backwards.

    "I am so sorry! I wasn't looking where I was going!" I said as I got up and whipped the dirt of my skirt. I looked at the person I ran into. I had run into a boy with brown hair, and green eyes. He was wearing blue jeans, a black t-shirt, and a green jacket with a white stripe and a "10" on it. Next to him was a girl and boy. The girl had long auburn hair with green eyes. She had on black tights, a navy skirt, and a half sleeved blue shirt, with white cuffs, a white hem, and a white collar. The boy had on a black long sleeve t-shirt. His hair was semi-long and black, and his eyes were all black.

    "It's fine." The boy I ran into said. "I'm Ben. And that's Gwen and Kevin."

    "I'm Zoe." I replied. "And that's April"

    I could tell Ben, Kevin, and Gwen knew we didn't go to their school, probably because of the uniforms.

    "So, you guys live around here?" Gwen asked.

    "Yea, we go to the private school" April explained. Our school was the only private school for miles, so I knew that they knew what school we were talking about.

    "I'm starting there in a week! What room are you?" Gwen asked.

    Both me and April were exited to say the least. We didn't get many new people in school.

    "We're room 218! The headmaster told us we were getting a new room mate" I said happily.

    "Well, you just met your new room ate!" Gwen said. And with that me and April started telling her about the school, and asked her what color her uniform was going to be, stuff like that.

    All the while the Ben and Kevin looked lost. April looked at Kevin and giggled at his expression, the looked away.

    "Hey!" Kevin yelled. "What is you problem!"

    "Me," April said turning around. "I don't have a problem. Just look at your face." And then she came back into the conversation with me and Gwen.

    "So, you guys are to going tech square. Well come with us. We're going there to, and the other way is closed, so you have to go the long way." Gwen said.

    "OK!" April said. And with that all of us, even the boys, started walking to tech square.
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    Our World Season 1 Empty Re: Our World Season 1

    Post  Miku Hatsune on Thu Aug 27, 2009 10:09 pm

    Chapter 2

    The walk to Tech Square was long, but it was fun. April and I got to talk to our new room mate, and we got to see Ben and Kevin look clueless, although they were. We could see the towers from where we were, and they were amazing. They were almost all white expet for some grey areas on the sides.

    "This is my kind of place." I said.

    "Your just saying that 'cause white's your favorite color." April teased.

    "So!?!" I asked

    "White's your favorite color?" Ben cut in.

    "Yea." I said, looking at him with a surprised expression.

    Ben just nodded, so I looked away.

    After a few minutes of an awkward silence, April finally asked,

    "So what are we gonna do when we get there anyway?"

    "Just look around I guess." Gwen answered.

    "Your telling me that you dragged me out here just to look around some random part of downtown!?!!?" Kevin yelled

    "Basically." Gwen replayed. Me and April just lathed, and Gwen joined in. Kevin just looked mad, probably because we were laughing at him. The whole time Ben just walked, he hadn't said anything sense he asked if my favorite color really was white.

    "Hey," I said walking closer to Ben while Kevin, and April were arguing. "You OK?"

    Ben looked shocked but answered anyway. "I'm fine. Just got a lot on my mind."

    "You sure?" I asked.

    "Yea." he answered.

    I just left him alone at that. I ha to restrain Kevin, or at least I did my best to try and restrain him, from attacking April, who burst out laughing. I guess Kevin was really mad, because he just shook me off onto the ground. I just stood up, brushed the dirt off my skirt and kept walking. Soon, Kevin, and April stopped trying to kill each other, and we just walked quietly to Tech Square. Once we got there we looked around, but there wasn't much, of anything really. It was almost all company buildings, except for a small park with an ice cream stand. We decided to get some ice cream and sit on the fountain in the center of the park. Well, April, Gwen and I did, the boys didn't have a choice. me and Gwen got vanilla, while April got chocolate. Kevin and Ben didn't get anything, but started talking about something that I didn't , Gwen, and I just ate our ice cream quietly.

    After a while, we decided to go back to our homes. Sadly, the school April and i went to was on the other side of town than them, so we probably wouldn't see each other until Gwen came to our school.
    We said our goodbyes, then went our separate ways.

    "Well, that was fun." I said.

    "Yea." April said. "And, I now know who you like. You like B-"

    "You say anymore, bad things will happen tonight." I warned.

    "I'll take that risk. You like Ben." She teased.

    I looked at her and asked, "Where did you get that?"

    "It's obvious." She answered.

    I just sighed and walked back to the dorm.

    It had been a long day, so I changed into my pajamas. My pajamas weren't anything special, just a white nightgown. I crawled into my bed, and fell asleep, but not before I set my alarm clock for 3 in the morning. Let's just say I always keep my promises. It didn't seem like it took long for me to fall asleep, probably a few minutes. But it felt like even less time went by before I woke up. And once I'm awake, I normally stay awake. What I had planed for April was simple. I would just put some whipped cream in her hair, which would probably just be cream when she woke up. I got up and out of my bed, and went over to the small refrigerator and got out the new can of whipped cream.

    "You can never say I didn't warn you." I said as I walked over to April's bed. Once I was there I shook the can a few times, took the cap off, then dispensed the whipped cream right onto crown of her head.

    "Owned." I said. Then put the cap back on then whipped cream,walked over to the fridge and put the can onto on of the shelves.

    I didn't really know what else to do after that, so I just went and got in the shower and dried my hair, then got on my school clothes, and got my books ready for the classes I had today. It was a Monday, so my classes were, math, history, English, and astrology. I would always have this set of classes on and odd number day, and I would have reading, science, Spanish, and computer skills on even numbered days but we would always have lunch at twelve. Each of my classes were two hours long, so I didn't have a short school day.
    Once I was done getting ready getting ready for the school day, it was about four forty, so I still had two hours and twenty minutes until April woke up. I sighed, then went over to the piano that was in the corner of the room and started playing.

    The song was, sad, but, at the same time, it was happy. I guess that's just the way I am. The melody was beautiful, sometimes it was low, and at other points it was high. Sadly, the song was only a minute long. I must have played it more than I thought I did because I was half way through playing it when I heard Aprils alarm go off. And I turned around just in time to hear her scream,

    "Zoe!!!!! What did you do?!?!?!?!"

    "I told you, bad things would happen. And they did." I answered smugly. April just got up and ran into the bathroom.

    "You can't say I didn't warn you." I finished, then went back to playing the piano.


    The day was rather boring. Or at least compared to the day before. We had a test in math, which I finished in minutes. History was easy, mostly because I had already read about what we where leaning. English, one of my best classes. Astrology, also one of my best classes. April and I had almost all of our classes together, except math and history on odd days. She had history when I had math, and I had history when she had math. And on the even number days, she had a different Spanish teacher, but we had the class at the same time. After school April had calmed down about me putting whipped cream in her hair, so we started walking back to our dorm.
    The hallways we went through where a light shade of blue, nothing special. we found and un-locked our dorm and went in. The walls where light blue, like the hallways.

    But in side of the room, on the floor was a note.
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    Post  Miku Hatsune on Thu Aug 27, 2009 10:10 pm

    Chapter 3

    Both me and April where cautious about opening the note. We knew what some people were capable of doing. Luckily nothing bad happened when we opened it, so we went on to reading it.


    I will be holding a press conference today at 4:00, and I would be honored if you would attend.

    The conference will be help in Tech Square, at the Dex corp.™️ headquarters. Please do not bother to RSVP.

    ~ President of Dex corp.™️” The note said.

    “Who in their right mind would send us an invitation to a press conference?” April asked.

    “Whoever the president of Dex corp is.” I replied while turning around to check the time. It was already 3:30. “We have to get moving.” I said.

    “Wait, look at this.” April said, pulling something off the note. In April’s hand was a small access card.

    “Guess we use that to get in. Come on if we don’t go now, we’re going to be the last people there. Well, we’re probably already going to be the last people.” I said. And with that April grabbed the note, and I took the access card, and we caught a bus to Tech Square.

    The bus ride there was fast, but the best part was that the driver took us right to the door of Dex corp. We took out our access card and put it into the slot, and the door opened. Inside wasn’t much different than the outside, except there where some tables, chairs, and a secretary counter.

    We also found out where everyone went. They were all inside the buildings. Both me and April were amazed, almost none of the kids here were like us.

    Over in one area there were two girls talking, one wearing a blue dress with a black stripe going across her stomach. Her hair was blond and up in pigtails, and her eyes were blue. And the second was wear almost the same thing, but the main color of the dress was pink. Her hair was auburn and was up in a high ponytail with a bow in it, and her eyes were pink. We looked around a bit more and saw a girl with a pink dress on with a flower on it, although it didn’t look like the mood of the dress fit her at all. Her eyes were grey and her hair was blond and looked like it was sticking up.

    We started walking through the area, looking for anyone we might know. Although we both knew that we probably wouldn’t because the only people we knew outside of school were our families, Ben, Gwen, and Kevin, and we knew that our families weren’t here.

    We kept walking and saw a boy. He was shorter than us, but not by much. His hair was orange, and he had on a long lab coat, gloves, short ankle boots, and glasses. He looked like he was talking, to a human looking computer.

    So far no one had noticed us. And if someone had they were being low key about it. We kept walking, hoping that the conference would start soon, ‘cause all we wanted to do then was get out of there. We stayed silent the whole time, not wanting to draw attention.

    We both knew that sooner or later we would have to ask someone what we were supposed to be doing, unless someone came over and told us. I looked around and saw a piano, and walked over to it. On the top of it there was a note. The note said,

    “Play as you wish”

    And that was all I need to start playing. I started play the song I had played earlier that morning. I played it over and over again, not know that people were starting to notice. April tried to tell me to stop, but I didn’t listen. Whenever I heard the song, I felt like nothing mattered, that no matter what everything would turn out OK.

    Some people had started coming over to watch me play, but I didn’t mind. I just kept playing it, over and over again. This was probably my favorite song of all time. I didn’t mind that there weren’t any lyrics to the song, I just was happy hearing it.

    Now, most of the people were wonder what was going on over at the piano, and had come over. The song couldn’t even help me stay calm, so I stopped playing.

    “You don’t have to stop.” One of the boys said.

    “Yea, you can keep playing if you want.” Someone else said.

    “T-thank you.” I said, and then went back to playing. Some people didn’t like the song and left, but most of them stayed. When the song was done, I didn’t start it over, instead I stopped playing.

    “That’s the end” I said, and got up. Most of the people left, but the girl in blue that April and I saw in the front of the building stayed.

    “You’re a really good piano player.” The blue girl said.

    “Thank you. That song is my favorite.” I replied.

    “No problem!” She said, “I’m Bubbles by the way!"

    "I'm Zoe!" I said happily.

    "And I'm April." Said April.

    Bubbles pointed at both of us, first me, than April, while saying "Zoe. April. OK, I'll remember you two! Or, at least I'll try."

    April and I just smiled. It was nice to kno that someone herre wanted to talk to us.

    "Bubbles, what are you doing?" The girl in pink yelled from across the room, and then, unless my eyes where playing tricks on me, flew over to us.

    The girl saw us then said, "Oh, sorry. I didn't see you there."

    "It's OK." I said.

    "I'm Blossom." She said while extending her hand, and naturally, I shook it.

    "Zoe." I said simply.

    "My name's April." April cut in.

    Blossom nodded to us both. I could tell something was wrong, but it wasn't the time to ask.

    "So, when's the press confrence gonna start?" I asked looking at my watch.

    "I don't know. Hey, do you two have your parts of the speech ready? Bubbles and I are doing ours together." Blossom asked.

    "Speech?!? We just got the message to come an hour ago, and it didn't say anything about a speech!" I almost yelled.

    "Your not was probably mixed up with someone else's. But this is the note that was sent to he to the people that will give a speech." Blossom said taking out the note that was given to her and handed it to me.

    Both me and April huddled around the note. It read,

    "Blossom and Bubbles,

    I am sorry to bother you, but I need to know if you two can give a speech at my up coming rally for the upcoming war with a new planet, Planet Fusion. Planet Fusion seems to be heading our way, and judge by it's appearance, it is not a friendly planet. We must stop it before it is to late. Please come to my headquarters at 4:00 today.

    The other people who will also be speacking are as follows,

    Samurai Jack

    Ben Tennyison


    Yours Truly, Dexter



    April Night

    and lastly,
    Zoe Icezeta.

    We will be makeing our speches in that order.

    And I am deeply sorry about what has happened to your sister. I wish you the best of luck in your search for her.


    The first thing I could say was, "I'm sorry about your sister."

    Bubbles looked down while Blossom said, "It's alright. Besides, you need to think about what your going to say, you are going to wrap thing up, so it has to be good. Although, if you can't think of anything, just, act like it's a pep rally."

    Right then and there I knew what I was gonna say. I could tell by the look on April's face that see knew what to say too. We looked at each other and nodded.

    "We're ready." I said turning to Bubbles and Blossom. I knew she understood. I knew I would become frineds with this girl.

    "I'll be waiting to hear it!" Bubbles said.

    "Your gonna do great." Blossom said. "I know you will."

    I was shocked but managed to get out , "Thanks you guys."

    "I am sorry to cut in," A boy said. "But are you two Zoe Icezeta and April Night?" It was the boy we had saw talking to the human like computer. He had a, what sounded like, a Russian accent.

    "Yes," I said to the boy ho I guessed to be Dexter. "and if this is about the speeches, we already have them ready."

    "And you are sure you two are ready?" Dexter asked.

    "Yes." April answered for me.

    "Well then," The glasses wearing boy said. " I wish you both good luck. We are starting the speeches now." Then he left.

    It wasn't until Dexter left untill i realized that, at the least, Ben was here.

    "Do you know Ben?" I blurted out.

    "Yea. He's right over there." Bubbles said, pointing at the corner opposite the one that the piano was at. "You know him?"

    "Yea. I, sort of ran into him. Literally." I said. Bubbles and Blossom giggled, but April didn't do anything.

    "Well, go talk to him!" Bubbles said. "And, I'll come with you!" Then, Bubbles dragged me over to him.

    Ben looked over and said, "Hey Zoe."

    "Hey," I said. "you know Bubbles."

    "Hi!" Bubbles greeted.

    Ben nodded at her, then asked, "So, you still want to know what's been bugging me?"

    "How did you guess?" I asked.

    Ben pulled me aside, and I asked Bubbles to wait there.

    "See this," the teenager said pointing at what looked like at watch. "This is the omnitrix. It's what I use to fight. I've had it since I was ten. And right now, it's not working.."

    "I wish I could say I understad, but I don't. I just want to know. Why are you telling me this?" I asked.

    "Because, I know I can trust you."


    "I just know I can."

    I heard giggling, and turned around.

    "Bubbles!" I yelled, blushing heavily.

    "Come on!" She said pulling me back to Blossom and April.

    "Bye Ben!" I said.

    April looked at me blushing and asked, "You kiss him?"

    "Your evil." I said. April rolled her her eyes, while Blossom and Bubbles giggled.

    I looked behind me and saw Ben walk up to the stairs that lead to the stage, and I could tell he was blushing to. I saw Samurai Jack walk down the stairs and ask something, Ben face immediately went back to normal, then he walked up the stairs. Jack immediately saw, me blushing then walked over.

    "Do you know what was wrong with him?" He asked. He was intimidating. His hair was tied up, away from his face, and he wore a long white robe, and Japanese sandals.

    "No clue." Blossom answered. Jack must have bought it, because he walked away.

    We just talked and watched the screens that where set up so that we could watch the speeches. April, and Bubbles kept teasing me whenever I looked up to watch Ben's. Blossom sat next to me, while Bubbles and April sat across from us. Soon it was time for Mandy's speech. Mandy was the girl that we had seen wearing the pink dress with the flower. It seemed like only minutes until Dexter's speech and Bubbles went up to the stair to be ready, but watched the screen.

    "Join the fight! We have the tools you have the talent!" Dexter yelled. And uproar of cheering followed,then he went down, and Bubbles went up, and Blossom went to the stairs. Bubbles speech was good, words of encouragement, where she can be found normally when she is needed. Once she was done, Blossom went up and appeared on screen. April went up to the stairs.

    "How did I do?" Bubbles asked nervously.

    "You did great." I said. Soon Blossom's speech was over, and April went up.

    Dexter came over and said, "I am going to introduse you to the crowd, since you are the last one speaking."

    "OK." I said, then April's speech started.

    "My name is April night. And this is all I have to say.
    We will win this war. It may seem like it will be hard. Maybe even impossible.
    But we will win. We have to." And she broke down, right in frount of everyone, but she kept talking.

    "Sometimes, you might not be able to see the light, but know this.
    The light will all ways be here, in the form of your friends." Then she walked down the stairs, and Dexter went up again.

    I ran over to April, and said, "That was amazing April!"

    "Thank you." She said.

    "Zoe, go up." Dexter said walking down the stairs.

    I nodded, then walked up. there here so many people. Probably more than five hundred thousand.

    "I am Zoe Icezeta. I'm not a hero like the others.
    I don't even know why I was called here.
    We are going to win this war. How can we not?
    Now, my speech isn't like the others. Here's how it's gonna work.
    When I saw 'We're gonna', you say win. When I say 'Let's',
    you say, 'Win'.

    We're gonna!" I yelled.

    "Do this!" The crowd yelled back.

    "We're gonna!"

    "Do this!"

    "Let's!" I yelled.

    "Win!" The yelled.

    Then I walked down the stairs. Everyone was starring at me. Either because no one had gotten the crowd to be that loud, or because my 'speech' wasn't rather odd.

    "That's how you through a pep rally." I said.
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    Post  Miku Hatsune on Thu Aug 27, 2009 10:11 pm

    Chapter 4

    "That's how you through a pep rally." I said.

    "Well this is not a pep rally!" Dexter yelled.

    "Really?" I said. "We're trying to get kids exited about doing something. Last time I checked that's what a pep rally is."

    Dexter looked stunted, thought for a second, then steeped back.

    "We get kids exited like that and we will win this war. No matter what." I said. " We start losing the war, we do another one of these things. If I learned anything, it's that you can't give up."

    No one knew that I could be that serious, even April. Sometimes, these types of things bring out who you really are. Whether that's a good or bad person is entirelyup to you and no one else. If you get lost in someone your not, try to remember. That's all you can do. Try to remember who you really are. And if someone says you can't do something, do it anyway, and think that you can do it. Sometimes life is funny that way.

    April walked over to me and said, "We have to go. The headmaster is going to be mad if we're late to dinner."

    "Crud, forgot about that. Let's go." I said, then we walked to the door waved good bye to everyone, and left.

    This time instead of taking a bus, we took a cab back. Some how we made it back in time for dinner. It wasn't anything out of the ordinary. Just five long tables, one of them the teachers sat at. Luckily no one noticed us sit down. We ate our food quietly. Today, like all Tuesdays, we had chicken and mashed potato's. Soon, the door started opening, and everyone looked. It was Dexter, Blossom and Bubbles. April and I looked at each other, nodded, and ducked under the table.

    "We're looking for Zoe Icezeta and April Night." Blossom said, and all eyes went to where we had been sitting. I guess Bubbles must have saw either me or April, because she came over.

    "Why are you hiding?" She asked. April and I got out of our hiding spots and walked over to Dexter.

    "What do you want now? We haven't even finished dinner!" April asked.

    "We would like you to stay at DexLabs with the other hero's. Pack you things." He said then left.

    "We'll help you pack, unless you don't want to go." Blossom said.

    "We want to go. Follow us." April said, then we both stared heading towards our dorm, while Blossom and Bubbles followed.

    We didn't have to pack much. Just a few pairs of clothes, and some of my special sheet music. It wasn't long before we where done, we only needed two tote bags, so Blossom and Bubbles flew us to DexLabs instead of us taking a cab or us. Blossom and Bubbles roomed with us, so we just put our stuff down and claimed our beds.

    "So, according to April you li-" Bubbles started.

    "Just so you know, the last person that said that, I put whipped cream in their hair while they were sleeping." I warned, and April nodded sadly. She got the message and stoped talking.

    "What should we do know?" I asked.

    "Well, we have two options. We go to sleep. Or we can stay up past midnight." April said.

    "No contest." I said. "Let's stay up past midnight!" We where all in agreement, so we just talked, and I played the piano a little. We just talked up until midnight, and most people were asleep by then.

    "Can you sing?" Bubbles asked me.

    "Yea." I said.

    "Then sing!" Blossom said. "We won't laugh."

    I nodded, grabbed the guitar that was in the corner, I knew Bubbles had brought it, and started playing.

    "Drew looks at me
    I fake a smile so he won't see
    What I want and I need
    And everything that we should be

    I'll bet she's beautiful
    That girl he talks about
    And she's got everything
    That I have to live without

    Drew talks to me
    I laugh 'cause it's just so funny
    I can't even see
    Anyone when he's with me

    He says he's so in love
    He's finally got it right
    I wonder if he knows
    He's all I think about at night

    He's the reason for the teardrops on my guitar
    The only thing that keeps me wishing on a wishing star
    He's the song in the car I keep singing
    Don't know why I do

    Drew walks by me
    Can he tell that I can't breathe?
    And there he goes, so perfectly
    The kind of flawless I wish I could be

    She better hold him tight
    Give him all her love
    Look in those beautiful eyes
    And know she's lucky 'cause

    He's the reason for the teardrops on my guitar
    The only thing that keeps me wishing on a wishing star
    He's the song in the car I keep singing
    Don't know why I do

    So I drive home alone
    As I turn out the light
    I'll put his picture down
    And maybe get some sleep tonight

    'Cuz he's the reason for the teardrops on my guitar
    The only one who's got enough of me to break my heart
    He's the song in the car I keep singing
    Don't know why I do

    He's the time taken up but there's never enough
    And he's all that I need to fall into
    Drew looks at me
    I fake a smile so he won't see" I sang, it was one of my favorite songs.

    "I guess you've heard the rumors." Bubbles said.

    "...Yea." I replied.

    "What rumors?" April asked.

    Bubbles leaned over to April and whispered in her ear, "Ben has a girlfriend."

    "Oh." April said.

    "I didn't know you knew that song." Blossom said, changing the subject.

    "I've known that song for a while." I said. "I just don't sing often."

    "You should!" Bubbles said. "Your really good!"

    "Thanks!" I said smiling. "I'll sing another if you want."

    "Sure!" Blossom said.

    We kept going like that all night I would sing, we talked a little about it, then I would go on to the next song. I got Bubbles and April to sing a song, but Blossom wouldn't.

    "Why won't you sing?" April asked Blossom.

    Blossom sighed and said, "I just don't like to sing."

    After that we just left her alone. We knew that if anyone told Dexter about this, we would probably end up in his office. But we didn't care, we where haveing fun. If our parents where here, we wouldn't have been able to stay up this late. I always wondered what it would b like to do this kind of thing. We could never do it at school 'cause we had a curfew.

    "What do you want to do now?" April asked.

    "We should probably go to sleep..." Bubbles said.

    "Yea." Blossom and I said in unison.

    April sighed then said, "OK..."

    I realized that we had forgot to pack our pajamas, so April and I just took of our shoes and crawled into our new beds. Blossom went to the bathroom first to change, and when she came out Bubbles went in and changed. Blossom had a pink night gown, and the one Bubbles ad was blue. We all said goodnight, but Bubbles asked to hear one more song.

    "Sure." I said, then went over to the piano and started playing.

    "Seconds, hours, so many days
    You know what you want but how long can you wait
    Every moment last forever
    If you feel you've lost your way

    What if your chances are already gone
    Started believing that I could be wrong
    But you give me one good reason
    To fight and never walk away
    Cause here I am still holding on

    Every step you climb another mountain
    Every breath it's harder to believe
    You'll make it through the pain
    Whether the hurricanes
    To get to that one thing
    So you think the road is going nowhere
    Just when you've almost gave up on your dreams
    Then take it by the hand
    And show you that you can
    There are no boundaries
    There are no boundaries

    I fought to the end to stand on the edge
    What if today is as good it gets
    Don't know where the future's headed
    Nothing's gonna bring me down

    I've jumped every bridge and I've run every line
    I've risked being saved but I always knew why
    I always knew why
    So here I am still holding on

    Every step you climb another mountain
    Every breath it's harder to believe
    You'll make it through the pain
    Whether the hurricanes
    To get to that one thing
    So you think the road is going nowhere
    Just when you've almost gave up on your dreams
    Then take it by the hand
    And show you that you can

    You can go higher, you can go deeper
    There are no boundaries above and beneath you
    Break every rule cause there's nothing between you
    and your dreams

    Every step you climb another mountain
    Every breath it's harder to believe

    Yeah, there are no boundaries
    There are no boundaries

    With every step you climb another mountain
    Every breath it's harder to believe
    You'll make it through the pain
    Whether the hurricanes
    There are no boundaries
    There are no boundaries

    There are no boundaries" I sang. This was also one of my favorites.

    "You really are a good singer." Bubbles said, then went to sleep. April and Blossom had fallen asleep already, so I was alone.

    "With every step you climb another mountain
    Every breath it's harder to believe
    You'll make it through the pain
    Whether the hurricanes
    There are no boundaries
    There are no boundaries..." I finished, than crawled into my bed, and fell asleep.
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    Chapter 5

    I had, yet again, a dreamless sleep. I guess I just didn’t have much on my mind when I went to sleep, but I did sleep about an hour longer than Blossom, Bubbles, and April. When I got up, April was already dressed, and so was Blossom and Bubbles. First thing I did was go and take a shower, dry my hair, then I realized that I wasn’t at school. And I probably would be back at school for a while. I still did what I normally would do, but, instead of getting my books ready, I went straight to the piano. Sadly, I only got a few minutes before Dexter’s voice came over the intercom,

    “I need everyone to report to the lobby for the rules of DexLabs. Thank you.”

    “Yea, yea.” I said. “No eating or drinking in the rooms, no throwing things, and no yelling.” Although we knew that was what Dexter probably would tell us we went anyway. The room was crowded, again, so we just went over to same spot we had been at the day before and started talking until Dexter started with the rules, and knowing him it wouldn’t start for about ten to twenty minutes. Bubbles spotted Ben, but this time I had come prepared, and brought rope. I had tied myself to a nearby pole, but she tried to pull me over anyway, but this time April helped. Although, Blossom was on my side, so it wasn’t as hard to resist, but it was still hard.

    Somehow April and Bubbles managed to untie rope from the pole and dragged me over.

    All I could do is mouth, “Help” Although no one knew, and if they did, they didn’t help.

    “Hey.” April said. I shoot her a death glare, and she knew to make sure I was asleep before she went to sleep tonight.

    “Hi.” Ben said.

    “Hi. Can I leave now?” I asked Bubbles walking away, and she just held me back.

    “What’s with the rope?” Ben asked.

    “It was supposed to keep me over there.” I said pointing to where Blossom was. “But they figured out how to untie it.”

    Bubbles and April enjoyed keeping me against my will, all I really wanted to do was go over and play piano.

    “Hey look at that.” I said, pointing at the wall, then tried to walk back to Blossom. After about ten seconds of walking April and Bubbles dragged me back over, but Blossom helped me get out of their grasp.

    I untied the rope around my waist and went over to the piano. I didn’t know what exactly to play, so I just did an improve. It was faster than most of the songs I played, but I still liked it. No one came over this time, probably because the song wasn’t very loud. Sometimes I wondered why I had leaned to play the piano; it did almost nothing for me. But I guess it was the same thing with the guitar. It did nothing for me, other than pleasing my parents. I almost was never able to please my parents, even with my own name. They had changed my name five times from the time I was born, Zoe being the fifth. It wasn’t even supposed to be spelled that way, it should be Zoë, but I have to spell it Zoe. My first name was Kate, then Kari. My third name was Hala. The fourth, Ai. Then it was Zoe. I hadn’t even told April about my old names, but I knew that I would do so that night and that I would tell Blossom and Bubbles too.

    I often thought about if I would change the spelling of my name to Zoë later on. I probably would end up doing it eventually. I wasn’t even sure if my parents would change my name again. The only reason they ever change my name, is when they don’t like the name anymore. They changed my name right after I started to walk, then changed it again after there years. They changed it the third time when I was eight, then the forth when I was ten. I kept Ai for there years, then it changed to Zoe. In fourteen years, my name had changed five times, only because my parents didn’t like the name.

    April and Bubbles had came over to the piano when Blossom had helped me get over there, and we left Ben, more the less, confused, but we really didn’t care. Dexter had ended up say exactly what we had thought he would, so we had just come down there for no reason at all really. We went back up to the room, mostly because there was no reason to be down there and the fact that all of our stuff was up in our room. I also wanted to tell them about my other names.

    Once we where up in our room I asked, “Guys, can I tell you something?”

    “Yea,” Blossom said. “what is it?

    “… I have more than one name.” I said. Blossom, Bubbles, and April looked like they were in shock “My first was Kate, the second was Kari, the third, Hala, the forth was Ai, and finally, Zoe.”

    “Why didn’t you tell us?” April asked, but I knew she meant, ‘Why didn’t you tell me?’

    “It just slipped my mind I guess.” I said.

    “Why do you have five names?” Bubbles asked.

    I sighed then answer, “My parents didn’t like the first four names.”

    “Then why did they name you those names?” The pink PowerPuff asked.

    “That I don’t know.” I replied sadly. It seemed as if every time I grew found of a name, my parents changed it. "I'm gonna go take a walk around the building."

    Then I walked out of the room and closed the door behind me. I sighed, I could still remember when I was called Ai, but that was before I went to my school. I had liked Ai a lot, but I knew that my parents would never change it back.

    DexLabs was almost the same on the outside as it was on the inside, almost all white, some grey, but the difference was that there was some blue. I walked around for a while, not seeing anyone. After about twenty minutes, I saw another girl walking around. She had blue eyes and blond hair, and was wearing a yellow t-shirt with the word "Topaz" on it, and bur, rhinestone belt, and blue jeans.

    She turned, looked at me and said, "Hi!"

    "Hey." I said, looking at the girl.

    "I'm Topaz Silver! You can call me Silver though." She said, holding out her and for my to shake.

    I shook her and and said, "My name's Zoe. Nice to meet you."

    Then a voice came over the intercom, "Will Zoe Icezeta please come down to the lobby."

    I looked at Topaz, and she nodded. I ran all the way down to the lobby, still not knowing why I was called down. When I got down, I saw Dexter, Mandy, and Ben.

    "What gives?" I asked Dexter, and he knew for sure that he had interrupted something.

    "It's about your names." He replied.

    "Oh, wh- Wait." I started. "HOW IN THE WORLD DID YOU FIND OUT!?!?!"

    Dexter looked at me and said, "You forget, this is my building."

    "YOU EAVESDROPPED!?!?!" I yelled so loud that I was sure that people could hear me for at least there levels up the building.

    "Maybe." He said. Somehow he was still calm.

    "You little-" I started but I was cut off.

    "Will you two stop." Mandy said. "This is going to get us nowhere."

    Instead of answering, I went over and kicked Dexter's leg then said, "Now I'll stop."

    Dexter flinched when I kicked him, but he did nothing else.

    "So anyone want to tell me why I'm here?" I asked.

    Mandy was the one to answer, "We need your help. An Dexter thinks your name's are the key."

    "My name's. Oh yeah, that makes all the sense in the world. I have five names, so what." I said.

    "Two of them are etched into a rock." Dexter said.

    I looked at Dexter and asked, "So? Which ones are are they?"

    "Ai and Zoe. Ai was the one you had before this name. Am I right?" Dexter said. I felt like strangling him, but I concealed my anger. "The point is, the two name's are also mentioned in the book of prophecy, a book that has so called magic properties. Or, that's at least what Gwen has told me."

    I sighed then said, "What about my other name's? Kate, Kari, and Hala."

    "They are mentioned, but only a few times." The short boy answered.

    "Well what am I supposed to do anyway?" I wondered aloud.

    "You have to touch five totem poles. Not right away though." Ben said. "We don't even know where the totems are yet."

    "I have to touch totem poles. Wow that's hard." I said sarcastically.

    Dexter just rolled his eyes and said, "Mandy, Ai, you can go back to your rooms." It felt weird to be called by one of my old names.

    Mandy and I left back I stooped once they couldn't see me. Mandy didn't even look back at me to see if I was alright, she just kept walking.

    "What is it Dex?" Ben asked.

    "I need you to get to know Zoe more, Obviously I can't. She hates me. Just talk to her really." Dexter replied.


    "She needs to be able to trust us. And as far as I can tell she doesn't trust anyone besides you."


    "And," Dexter said walking away. "she seems to like you" At I grabbed a hammer from on of those 'Break in case of emergancy' things and started walking toward Dexter.

    "I Am. Going. To. Kill. You." I said walking right at Dexter. Dexter started running, and I ran after him, but soon I started to get lost, and started back to the lobby.

    The way from the lobby to my room was the easiest way to go, and some how I didn't run into Ben. It wasn't that long until I got up to my room.

    "What did Dexter want?" Blossom asked.

    "He wants my to touch these totem pole thing sometime, probably in a month or two." I said grinding my teeth.

    April noticed hat I was doing and asked, "What's wrong?"

    "Dexter is a jerk." I said.
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    Chapter 6

    "Why exactly?" April asked.

    I explained what I had heard Dexter said to them.

    "So?" April asked I just rolled my eyes and went over to the piano. Music had always been a big part of my life. It was like my sanctuary. The worst thing that could happen is playing the wrong note, and even then all you had to do was try again. I was playing a different song than I normally did. It was happier, and the notes were higher. This song didn't have lyrics either, but I don't think it would sound good with lyrics. Sometimes, thing were better, just being music. But some song need lyrics to sound good.

    "Zoe, can I talk to you?" April asked. I nodded my head and we walked out of ear shoot of Blossom and Bubbles. "You wanna leave as much as I do?"

    "Yea." I said.

    "Tonight, me and you are gonna get out of here." She said simplely. "We wait until Blossom and Bubbles are asleep, then leave. We can leave them a note, but we can't tell them where we're going."

    "But, where are we going? And why are we going there?" I asked. I really didn't see a reason to leave so soon. Sure it wasn't the nicest place in the world, but it was no reason to leave so soon.

    April took a deep breath and said, "I've heard people talking about something called the 'KND'. But none of them are here. In the note Dexter sent out he said there was a war coming. So why hasn't he given us any training yet, or at least told us what we are here for? Well, you know why your here but no one else does. And we're going to City Station. And some other kids are coming along. There's a girl named Topaz Silver, a boy named Ian. Saundra Neeley, some guy named Geo and Lt. Blazer."

    I sighed then said, "OK. We pack once Blossom and Bubbles are asleep. How are we gonna get to City Station though?"

    "Well, there is one KND agent here, and he's the one that's gonna drive us there. We're takeing a scamper." April said.

    "Am I gonna regret letting him drive us there?"


    The rest of the ay passed slowly. Bubbles and April talked about who knows what, while Blossom and I talked about the book we where reading. Sadly I forgot mine at school, so I couldn't read it.

    I knew what I would do would have some side effects in my social life, but, there was a war coming, and I had to go. Sometims, I just wished I could disappear, like I would when I went to a normal school. I didn't like to think of my past, I hadn't even told April. My parents... They would leave me outside in the dark. I would hurt... All the time. Some of the kids at school would kick me when I feel down, but not many of them. I would feel like I was pushed around on a daily basses. Some of my friends stabbed me in the back. Some people lied right to my face. I would have to work for anything I wanted, sometimes even food... I felt lost... I was on the brink of breaking down, and no one was there to help. When my parents sent me to the private school, I prayed, and said 'Thank you'. I was happy to have some friends. But I was scared forever. no one could get rid of the memories of my past.

    Soon, Blossom and Bubbles had fallen asleep in their beds, and we went to work. We grabbed everything and threw on our shoes. I wrote a note before I went out the door.

    The note said,

    "We're sorry, but we have to leave. Dexter said it himself. A war's coming, and he hasn't even told us if we're going to be given weapons while we're here.
    I know that this is soon to leave for that reason, but we know some people that are already getting ready for the war. We're going to Orchid Bay. Please don't try to come and get us.

    ~Zoe and April"

    I had April sign the note too.

    We ran all the way down to the lobby. The others where already there. April and I did a head count, there were seven of us, including me and April. Silently we all went outside and to the scamper. It looked kinda like a green trailer. In front of it was a boy wear a good amount of armor and a helmet that had the letters "KND" on it.

    "Everyone ready?" He asked.

    I spoke for us, "As ready as we'll ever be."

    He nodded, then motioned for us to get in the scamper. I took a seat next to one of the girls, who I guessed to be Saundra. She had on an orange vest and a white shirt with blue jeans.

    I looked around, the three boys were in the back. And April was with Silver in the seat behind me. I could feel us being lifted into the air, but something moved in the back of the scamper.

    "Guys," I said, "there's something in the back."

    One of the boys in the back looked like a petrosapien, but he also looked human, I guessed he was half. He was wearing what most people called a "Talislide" outfit. He was the first to respond, but he didn't do much, just looked behind the seat. One of the other boys wore a black t-shirt and he had dark brown hair. The last boy had dark brown hair, not to short not to long. He had on a blind fold, jeans, and a orange shirt.

    The half petroapien boy must have seen him too because he said, "We know your here. You would make it easier for everyone if you just come out."

    Some how it worked because someone came out from behind the seats. And we all where surprised. Probably because no one had said anything about this to anyone else, unless they were coming.

    "Ben, what does Dexter want?" I asked, more the less annoyed.

    "He doesn't know." He answered.

    "Cell phone." One of the boys said. Ben reluctantly gave him his cell phone and the boy handed up to Sliver ho handed it to me, then I gave it to the KND agent in the front.

    Almost the rest of the trip was silent. No on spoke right up until the driver said that we were going to land. City Station was like most of downtown, white. But there were a lot of kids running around with weapons, although some didn't have weapons, most did. On the right side as some stairs to go down into the building. Although I knew I couldn't hold off introducing myself to the others much longer, I went straight downstairs. On the first level was a counter that had the room assignments. It had the people that came today, but it as only the seven of us that had come on the scamper, well eight. I was in a room with Saundra, April and Silver. And Ian, Geo, and Blazer were in a room. Ben, well he just went in with the boys. We were all on the next floor own. The girls where in room 720 and the boys got room 725. I went down to my room and unpacked. I put my stuff down on the bed next to the window.

    April, Silver, and Saundra didn't come down until a little later. We didn't talk we just took turns getting into our pajamas in the bathroom, then went too sleep.

    I had a dream, but, it wasn't much. Just one thing. It as a thunderstorm.
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    Chapter 7

    The next day when I woke up, it was raining, and I saw lighting in thee distance. My dream was real. And it was coming. The others were already awake and dressed, so I got out of bed and got dressed right away.

    "Morning!" April greeted when I came out of the bathroom.

    "Hey." I said while looking out the window, not really paying attention. I was thinking. The people back at DexLabswould be awake by now, and they would think that we're all down at Orchard Bay. It costs a lot of money to get down there from Tech Square according to what people have told me. But what was really bugging me was how Ben found out that we where coming here. We didn't tell anyone but the KND and the people that did the room arrangements. And how could Ben know about this but Dexter not? It just didn't make sense. if April ever found out what I was thinking about, she would hold it over me for the rest of my life, but she never did. Although a most people probably thought that this was the end of the world, to me, it would probably be the best year of my life. i wouldn't see my parents for a while, I might not see them ever again in that matter. I had more friends than I ever had than when my parents were around.

    "You OK?" Silver asked.

    "Yea, I'm fine." I answered, being as convincing as I could.

    There was no piano, or at least not on the floor I was on. No guitar either, but we were lucky to have one at DexLabs.

    "Well we're gonna go meet the boy down stairs, come on." April said, then dragged me down to the elevator. I would have come, even if April didn't drag me down. It didn't take long to get down to the floor where we were supposed to meet the boys.

    "Hey guys!" April said happily.

    "Hi." the half dimondhead boy said. "I'm Ian."

    "My name's Zoe." I said quietly.

    April, not wanting to be left out, said, "I'm April!"

    Silver went next, "My name is Topaz, but you can call me Silver if you want."

    "I'm Saundra" Saundra said.

    "Lt. Blazer" One of the boys said.

    "And I'm Geo" The last boy said. We all knew Ben, so there was no need for him to introduce himself.

    "So," April started turning to Ben, "how did you find out about this?"

    "I overheard Lt. Blazer talking about it" He said simply.

    "BLAZER!" We yelled.

    "What? I didn't know he heard!" Lt. Blazer said.

    "Well no going back now..." I said, then turned to Ben. "You can't leave here."

    Then I just walked away. I didn't say anything else. Things had always been that way for me, with all my friends. I was still scared that my friends would stab me in the back, i never wanted it too happen again, I wouldn't be able to handle it. I didn't want to relive my past ever.

    Just then a voice came over the intercom, "We are postponing the weapons training to tomorrow because of transport issues. No weapons for now. All weapons in City Station have been recalled, they have been backfiring."

    As if on cue, ssomething crashed outside. I ran over to the window, and about two hundred yards away was a large green sphere with weird green monsters coming out of it. Some of them started charging at the building, and got there in a matter of seconds, and soon it was chaos. People running everywhere. And monsters. A lot of monsters. I ran up the stairs as fast as I could. I went all the way up to the roof, although I could tell the monsters wouldn't stay inside the building long, I wasn't taking my chances. I got up there, April must have had the same idea because she was there too. Monsters must had followed me up because soon there where dozens on the opposite side of the roof of me and April.

    There was only once exit and that was the door the monsters where by. Lucky they where slow so we had some time. I looked around but the only thing I saw was the edge. I ran over to it and looked down, something must have hit a water pipe becuase therewas a big pool of water down below. I knew that we had no choice. We had to jump. The monsters wouldn't stay long, they where trying to get a good first attack, they wouldn't stay in the building, they would stay outside and try to cut off food.

    "We have to jump." I said, looking April straight in the eye.

    "Are you crazy?! We'll be killed!" She screamed back at me.

    "No we won't if we stay up here we die. There's a pool of water don there, aim for that."

    "What? No!" She yelled back.

    "Look, we don't jump we die. We do jump, we might live to tell people what this was like to do."

    She was silent. The monsters were coming closer. They looked like giant cabints with teeth. I understood right away that she was going to do it. e ran over to the edge.

    "One" I said.

    "Two" April continued.

    "Three!" We said in unison, then jumped.

    The rush was amazing. I was clam though. Most people would be scared, but they have never felt pain like I have, whatever happened it could never be as bad as what ad happened in my past.

    April was screaming, but I kept my mouth shut. I looked back up at the roof the monsters were looking down at us, but got killed by some kids. They looked over the edge and I saw that it was Ian, Ben, and another kid that I hadn't seen before. He had Blondie hair long but not too long, and he was wearing a tux for some reason. He was carrying something but I couldn't tll what it was. I looked down, closed my eyes and took a deep breath, then April and I hit the water. April got to the surface first, and I cam up a few seconds after. the water wasn't cold, but it wasn't exactly warm either. I looked at the water around me. There was blood in it. April was bleeding also, it was very bad, but not as bad as mine. Within a matter of secondsI was knocked out cold.
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    Chapter 8

    I woke up in a hospital room. I slowly moved my head to the right then left. April was asleep on the bed next to mine on the left. I sat up on my bed and looked at my arms. There were scars, but nothing serious. looked at the clock and gasped. It was 5:30. It was 5:00 when the monsters started attacking. My cuts shouldn't have be healed by then. I looked over at April and she had bloody bandages on her, but I didn't. As far as I could tell, I was bleeding worse than her. I should have had bandages too. I didn't even have stitches. I looked in the mirror to see if I had any cuts on my face. I didn't.

    I walked out of the room, knowing I would be coming back. There were about three doctors in the hallway I had walked into, but I didn't pay any attention to them. They tried to usher me back into my hospital room, but I just kept walking. One of them grabbed my arm and I elbowed him with my free arm. He let go and I just kept walking. I started thinking about my twin brother, Shaun. He was killed the year before. Right before I got my name, Zoe. He was killed in my place. No one ever knew that he was killed and not me. My parents never even found out that he was killed. They thought that he died in some freak accident.
    I also started geting hit right after he was killed.

    Somehow I made it to the lobby without any trouble. Ben was there and so was Silver, but no one else. They were probably in the cafeteria.

    "Hey." I said. Both of them turn around.

    "Glad your OK!" Silver smiled. I smiled back at her.

    "Why did you guys jump off the top of City Station?" Ben asked trying to sound calm, but failing.

    I looked at him, my smile gone, " If we had stayed up there for even a few more seconds, we would have died for sure. April's alive, and her bleeding has stopped from what I can tell."

    Ben was a lot like Shaun, but not entirely.

    "Well that's good she's alive." Silver said, probably trying to avoid an argument.

    "Well," I said, "I'm gonna go get some food. You coming?"

    "Sure!" Silver exclaimed.

    "OK." I said as I followed the signs that pointed towards the cafeteria. Silver caught up to me and we talked about random hings that came to her mind. I guess Ben came along to, 'cause we had gone over to sit with the others that were already there, and he ended up across from us.

    I just sat silently while the others talked. Eventually I went to get some food, but only 'cause the other told me I should eat. Obviously they asked about the fall. I told them I had done things that were crazier than that. And it was true. I had gone into buildings that were about to explode before and live. That was probably the craziest one. I only did that to get something out of it though. It was the mission I had gotten from the E.A.F. I knew what it stood for, I just always forgot every time someone told me. I just called it the Epicly Awesome Fighters. It was a lot of fun to be in it, although it was almost all adults. The only kids in it were me, Shaun, and my friend Sam.

    I knew they would call me in, I just didn't know when. Although knowing the leaders, it would probably be within the next ten seconds, only because I thought of the E.A.F. And I was right. A few seconds later, Sam came in and walked over to me.

    "It's time already?" I asked, standing up.

    "Yea. And I think you'll be needing this." Sam said as he handed me my old, pitch black, pistol, and a case of black bullets. I took them, holding onto my pistol while putting my bullets in my pocket. Everyone had a 'What the crap is going on?' look on their face.

    "I'm with the E.A.F" I explained, but they didn't know what the E.A.F was. I turned back to Sam, "So, you guys are that desperate you need to turn to the teen division?"

    He sighed and said, "When we first joined, t was the kids division. But I guess it is the teen division now. We found your brother. His tracker went on a few days ago in Korea. We sent a few jets out, and now he's back at the base waiting for his next mission with the rest of the teen division"

    I stared for the parking lot. My brother wasn't dead, and they had brought him home. The others followed me out.

    Then I heard a familiar voice, "You don't think you can leave without me do you?"

    We all turned around and saw April. Sam looked at her bandages then back at me.

    "Jumped off of City Station" I answer before he even asked. "Everyone in."

    They probably only listened 'cause I had a gun and ammo. Thankful people could sit where the trunk was supposed to be or else we wouldn't have been able to fit everyone in the car. We had an open jeep, so there was just a frame, no drove, and I was on the passenger side. There was destruction every ware from the meteors. Sam must have been driving faster than I thought, cause he almost ran one of the fastest monsters over, but it moved at the last second. Sam had the radio on and it was playing 'Bring Me To Live' by Evanescence. He handed me a picture with four teens in it. Him, a kid with blue eyes, and looked about as old as him. A boy that looked about as tall as Shaun, so he was a little taller than Sam, had green eyes, and bleached blond hair. Then my brother, Shaun. I kept looking at the boy with the bleached blnd hair.

    Sam noticed and said, "That's Mike. The newest member. Don't fall for him, he's a player. I've seen what he does what he's not at headquarters."

    I didn't even respond.

    The E.A.F's base was close actually, but it was underground. The entrance was about five miles out of town. We got inside easily. Sam knew the password to get in obviously, but they hadn't changed it sense I came last. The base was like it always was. People running around getting things. The base was a mile underground at the top level, and the bottom level was 2 miles under. All the same people were there, and a lot of them said something like "Welcome back Ai." or "Welcome back Zoe" the director kept tabs on everyone who left the E.A.F, so he knew my new name.

    The teen division was on the bottom floor, floor 52. The first person I saw when we got down was Mike. He started eyeing me, but I just pretended not to notice. I looked around for a minute then spotted Shaun, he was talking to the other boy, the one who's name I didn't know. He was wearing an all black jacket with a '02' on the front in white, and black pants with white strips on them. I ran over to him and tapped his shoulder.

    He looked at me and smiled. You could tell we were twins by now. If we stood side by side, we look almost exactly alike. The only difference was my hair was longer (obviously) and he was a boy, and I was a girl.

    "Hey Ai." He said.

    "Mom and Dad changed my name again. I'm Zoe now." I explained, tears coming to my eyes. I hugged him tight, crying now. He was more the less in shock by what I did. I let go after a few secounds.

    "Wait, so you've had a brother and you never told me?" April asked very confused now.

    "A twin." I corrected.

    April just went and sat down on one of the chairs. I would go an tell er why I never mentioned Shaun later. Probably.

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